Anchor Programmes and About Madhura Swaralu Programme


We make Anchor Programmes and Without anchor Programmes We make for Our Customers as a Monthly Programmes. Example of Anchor Programmes

1.Silver Screen

2. Endharo MahanuBhavulu

3. kshethra Dharshanam

4. Star Birthdays

5. Madhura Swaralu

6. Kudhirithe Cup Coffee

7. Beauty Tips etc.,

This Above Programmes are Consider as Anchor Programmes. We Provide This Anchor Programmes for Local Channel We are Definitely Provide Good Content for Month. Every Month We provide New Content As in your Convinient Cost.

Now We are Say About Particular Program information. what type of Content of Particular Programme. We discuss about that

1.Madhura Swaralu:

This is a Half an hour Programme. We Say about the Particular Song Writers and Music Directors  and We Televised Song for Viewers. This is a half an hour Programme We Provide as a Content to Customers as a Monthly Content . that means We Provide 30 or 31 half an hour Programmes to Our Local Channels and That is Use as a Local Channels Get a Own Space to Attract People.


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